KEITH ELIJAH THOMPSON CHIEF APOSTLE, PASTOR Gospel Tabernacle Word of Faith Ministries 2910 Barnes Ave. Bronx,NY 10467

Gospel Tabernacle
Word of Faith Ministries
2910 Barnes Ave.
Bronx,NY 10467

Prayer to the Nation: Prayer for the President, his family, his cabinet members, senate,congress, supreme court, justice, federal-state-city offficals, our military, law enforcement officers, firemen, doctors,lawyers,educators,scientist & engineers, businessmen, entreprenours, and all people… Rev. Dr. Rabbi Keith Elijah Thompson, Chief Apostle, Pastor

The Royal Ambassador Gathering

Every year, On this Special Occation, as God’s Ambassadors, we have come together, to manifest out potentiality as people in the kingdom of God. We are gathered to have excellent fellowhip and dining while we pray for all people. Members of Clergy within the body of Christ, The President, leaders of Government, Elected Officials, Police Officers, our Military and Defence Department, Educator, Lawyers and Doctors, Business Men and Woman and for all others who are in authority over us.

As children of The Kingdom, we have rights in God’s Kingdom. He has given us authority on earth to exercise the power that he has given unto us. This power is our faith in the Word of God.

With Onefullness of Unity, the Harmony of Fullnes, the fellowship of Strengthfullness we embrace and strengthen each other in the spirit of Love in the name of the Lord.

May the Lovefulnes and Peacefulness of God be with you always. Amen


Bronx Miracle, proud to work closely with the Law Enforcement agencies and Community Leaders, together for better community development and help our youths to stay out of trouble. We help indivudals and their families to stay without legal problems and safer.

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